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I had an opportunity to try selling at an art market on Tuesday. I went in with the anticipation of selling nothing, and treating it as a learning experience. When I traded the first postcard for a $2 coin, I was so excited. The market was part of Art Week’s Late Night Art. I was vaguely aware of missing all sorts of beautiful and interesting things that night, but even though my dad was with me, and volunteers were around to give us a break, I stayed obsessively tethered to my stall the whole night. I didn’t want to miss a single moment. It was an enormous buzz and also exhausting, and it’ll probably be good to mellow out over time.

Planned display on the end of my parents’ dining table
Actual display: photo by my lovely table-mate Emma Scheltema

I have so many ideas of things I’d like to make and sell, and didn’t have time to try them all this time. I’d like to keep going with markets, because if I can at least break even (which I more or less did this time), I can keep learning and experimenting in a low-risk environment.

I had good intentions of asking someone to photograph me standing behind my stall grinning, but I forgot!  I’m lucky that friends and fellow stallholders remembered to take photos, otherwise I’d have none from the night itself except this one: the view from high up in the Victoria St car park, directly above where the market took place:


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