Big Roller Blinds


Hello. I mostly burrowed underground and hid from the world as much as possible last year, but I did crawl out to paint the odd commission – and I guess you could call this an odd commission, but in a really nice way! Some friends had bought plain white roller blinds to hang in front of their shelves of (very beautiful) board games. They asked me to make them more interesting. I did my best.

Here is a not-quite-before photo of the blinds. At this stage I’d covered them in gesso and drawn over in pencil.

Paints. I ended up using a mix of old fabric paint that I’d acquired many years ago for some forgotten purpose (but which was still good), pure pigments and a fabric medium, and was really happy with them. I should have mixed the gesso primer with a matte white fabric paint, though. I think I originally imagined that if I painted the gesso base thinly enough, it would resist cracking. Wrong! For the most part the cracks that have formed aren’t too bad, and I’ve been using the fabric medium for repairs. I’m on the hunt for white, matte fabric paint (the fabric medium I bought dries very shiny). Bit of trial and error here!

This was my first time painting with fabric mediums on a surface that would be regularly rolled up, and my first time painting at a big scale (1.7m high and between 1.16 and 1.46m wide). I’m normally peering at little A5 paintings. (I do live in a caravan: everything is small!) I painted these blinds on site, in the games room, with an MDF board behind for support that got moved from blind to blind.

Lotsa fun πŸ™‚

Left blind
Middle blind
Right blind

2 thoughts on “Big Roller Blinds

  1. This is amazingly awesome art!
    I look at the detail and all I can think is: I want!
    Would they be viable as A4/ 8×10” paintings?
    It’s a terrific investment on the part of the commissioners….

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