Claudia’s Room


For Inktober Day Something.  Claudia Kishi was/is my favourite Baby-Sitters Club character.  Partly because her bedroom was well-stocked with chocolate, art supplies and Nancy Drew books.  (BSC is for me what Nancy Drew was for Claudia).  When I read story books, I usually picture how the environment looks, rather than the characters.  I wish more books came with detailed illustrations of the fictional world.

2 thoughts on “Claudia’s Room

  1. This is crazy good! I love all your inks, but most of all the ones with tiny little details that must have taken infinite care and patience, but look as if they have been whipped in a few minutes.

    1. Thanks! This drawing hit a lot of milestones for me (perspective, figure drawing, lighting – stuff I’ve been trying to learn this year). So the feedback is much appreciated.

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