Clovers in a pot

Something I designed for Redbubble. I didn’t really achieve what I was aiming for (a design that will look nice on a T-shirt as well as other products). It was quite fun though, to paint something and then see what it looked like on tops, leggings, tablets, pillows etc.

2 thoughts on “Clovers in a pot

  1. I would have thought it would cool up the side of leggings or bottom left hand corner of a t shirt, edge of a pillow case, on a mug … what’s not working????

    1. Thanks for the feedback Denny. I think the thing that didn’t work for T-shirts is that watercolour – or this particular watercolour – sort of looked washed out. And the stuff that I find pretty about watercolour probably would get lost in the fabric printing process. I’ll try again with something more graphic/vivid/blocks of colour. I do like how watercolour designs look on notebook covers and cell phones, so I ended up selecting those products for this painting. I think you might find Redbubble quite fun, if you want to give it a go too 🙂

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