Last weekend I went to this.

When we arrived on the first day, this is what was waiting for the 5 other students and me (we had one each):

Which we added clay to, to turn into this:

I was pretty chuffed with my square.  But it got better:

We chiseled away some of the square and discovered something almost like a head shape inside!  Then we chiseled away some more…


My next-door neighbour was excited about gauging out the eye sockets.  We also made a nose-hole, cheekbone/temple space and sculpted teeth.  Very therapeutic!


Hair!  Clay hair is fun:

The End:

I kind of wish that this was my whole life – just turning up in the back room of Takapuna Art Supplies and sculpting a head.  And then shoulders, from the bones out through muscles and finally covering with skin-of-clay.  And hands.  And after an entire human form, maybe moving on to other animals.  A horse.  A tuatara.